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TILAJO Surveillance Camera WiFi Camera Outdoor Wireless 4MP HD Webcam Night Vision Vedio Surveillance Cam (Color Solar Camera Kit C Size E) Electronics

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Two-way head: The camera features a unique two-way head that allows for rotating monitoring, providing a 360° panoramic view of your surroundings. With this feature, you can ensure that there are no blind spots in your monitoring setup, giving you comprehensive coverage for peace of mind.

Intelligent full-color night vision: Say goodbye to grainy black and white images at night. Our camera comes with intelligent full-color night vision, which means you can enjoy a color monitoring screen even in low-light conditions. This not only enhances your visibility but also provides more accurate monitoring and identification of objects.

AI intelligent detection: The camera is equipped with AI intelligent detection, allowing for regional monitoring. It can identify and track specific areas of interest, ensuring that you receive accurate alerts for any suspicious activity. This feature adds an extra layer of security to your property, giving you the confidence that you'll be notified of any potential threats.

Two-way voice intercom: With the built-in microphone and microphone head, our camera enables seamless two-way voice intercom. You can easily communicate with anyone on the other end through the camera, making it ideal security cameras for home or communicating with visitors. Whether you want to give instructions to a delivery person or check on your loved ones, the two-way voice intercom feature makes it convenient and efficient.

Ultra-clear picture quality: Experience superior picture quality with our camera's ultra-clear lens aperture. The lens captures vivid colors and realistic details, providing you with sharp and clear images. Whether you're monitoring indoor or outdoor spaces, you can rely on the camera to deliver exceptional image clarity and ensure that you don't miss any crucial details.


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